February 2022

Parcel Audit Services

For businesses such as Distributors, eCommerce providers, Logistics companies and Drop Ship companies, freight and shipping expenses are one of the most costly areas of their business. These companies invariably have leaks, overcharges and other oversights that can add up to a lot of wasted expenses. In fact, most businesses have very little idea how […]

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Managed Services

What Are Managed Services? Managed Services is a term that is everywhere these days. As companies grow in size and complexity, more and more decision makers are looking for turn-key solutions for problems outside their core competencies. Constant customer demand for faster, easier to use, and more comprehensive products means that most businesses don’t have

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Parcel Audit Service

Importance of a Parcel Audit Service In the logistics industry today, there’s nothing ‘small’ about parcel services. Every marketplace in our current economy is dominated by e-commerce and direct delivery services, with customer demand for both on the rise. Technological innovations in shipping software, coupled with increased efficiencies in transportation systems across the board, have

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Filing Claims: When Shipping Goes Wrong

  The Pursuit of Perfection The logistics industry these days is a global force, driving or contributing to every single physical or digital marketplace currently in operation, anywhere in the world. Modern supply chains span countries and continents, utilizing multiple carriers to draw from numerous suppliers and manufacturers, delivering to countless customers, in record time.

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