Why You Should Renegotiate Your Carrier Agreement

There is one, simple reason to renegotiate your carrier agreement: to save money!

Most shippers’ carrier agreements leave plenty of room for improvement. The carriers negotiate every single day, whereas you may only negotiate agreements once every year. Based on that discrepancy, the agreement is more than likely going to favor the carriers.

So what’s the best way forward?

When working with our team, our Optimization process consists of six steps: Assessment, Alignment, Advisement, Agreement, Implementation and Management or AAAAIM. Agreement negotiation is integral to the process, wherein we work with you to devise and agree upon a strategy for negotiation, then provide the initial bid data and verbiage to begin the negotiation process with your selected carriers.

Our team then analyzes the proposals and provides support until you achieve a satisfactory rate proposal. Our carrier agreement results are unmatched in the industry and typically provide savings of 10-30%, often without even needing to change carriers.

So why wait? Contact us to learn more about how to save money when shipping with our Optimization capabilities and carrier contract negotiation.

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