Managed Services

What Are Managed Services? 

Managed Services is a term that is everywhere these days. As companies grow in size and complexity, more and more decision makers are looking for turn-key solutions for problems outside their core competencies. Constant customer demand for faster, easier to use, and more comprehensive products means that most businesses don’t have time to focus on anything other than what they do best.  That’s where Managed Services come in. The term refers to any service that a company outsources to an external partner, as opposed to allocating internal resources to accomplish the same task. The reason is simple: developing, implementing, and maintaining custom-built internal solutions is never fast, and often times not cost effective either.  In the logistics industry, they can take on a few different forms, from Freight Audit and Pay, to Optimization. However, we here at Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions have now taken Managed Services to the next level. With the help of our proprietary advanced logistics platform, FreightOptics, we can provide our clients with access to a full-fledged logistics department, complete with industry-leading experts, at a fraction of the cost. 

Zero Down Managed Services 

Shipping, in one way, shape, or form, is now a vital part of nearly every business around the world. Here are some ways Zero Down Managed Services can make that piece a little easier for you: 
  • Create Shipments: book both inbound and outbound shipments. 
  • Rate Shop: find the cheapest and most efficient carrier for your individual shipment needs. 
  • Manage Exceptions: track shipments from pick up to delivery, and follow up directly with the carriers at any stage along the way. 
  • Handle Returns: create and manage Return Merchandise Authorization’s (RMA’s). 

Benefits of Zero Down Managed Services 

What you get when you partner with Zero Down for Managed Services: 
  • Expertise: Modern supply chains are complicated, and difficult to maintain in the best of times, much less when things go wrong. Partnering with Zero Down will provide your business with access to decades of logistics and supply chain knowledge. That’s real-world experience you can rely on, today. 
  • Visibility: Pulling rating and tracking data together from multiple carriers is no easy task. Luckily, that’s exactly what FreightOptics was built for. Our technology platform lets us find and book the cheapest and most efficient shipping option for you, as well as consolidate all of that shipping data into easily viewed, actionable insights. 
  • Savings: Zero Down Managed Services will immediately start save your company money on individual shipments. But, at the same time, we eliminate the need for dedicated logistics and IT resources. That translates into exponential savings over time.  
Managed Services are quickly becoming the go to option for savvy decision makers looking to stay competitive during the Digital Revolution. By partnering with Zero Down, your company gains the expertise needed to handle any situation. You gain the technological edge to drive efficiencies across the board. And, most importantly, you gain the profits you and your staff have worked so hard for. Let us help your business get back to what it does best. We’ll handle the rest.  Reach out to us for a Free Demo, and let’s get started today. 
Author: Brad McBride

Brad McBride, CEO and Founder of Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions is a dynamic leader with over 30 years of experience in the supply chain sector. His journey began at Consolidated Freightways in 1988, where he mastered freight logistics and pricing. His career led him to Eagle Global Logistics, diving into international freight forwarding and leading high-volume shipping projects.

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