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Sporting Goods Manufacturer

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Sporting Goods Manufacturer

  • LTL Optimization & GL Coding: Client was using a 3PL to handle their LTL shipments. This resulted in multiple carriers picking up shipments and increased our client’s labor costs due to multiple carriers arriving at their dock simultaneously. We performed a bid project, and the client chose to work directly with one carrier while achieving a 29% rate reduction from the benchmarked rates. Our client kept 100% of the labor savings associated with this project.
  • Parcel Optimization & GL Coding: We were able to reduce small parcel costs by 12%, even though this was our client’s smallest transportation budget.
  • Ocean Optimization: Our client had used its chosen Freight Forwarder for more than 12 years, believing it to be the best-priced option available. We performed a formal bid project and successfully achieved a 17% – 24% range of savings on their various import lanes.

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