Halfway Through 2018, Zero Down Continues to Focus on Advancement

With the first half of the year behind us, this is a great time to take a look back at all that we’ve achieved thus far. A lot has been done, but we’re just getting started!

This year at Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions, our focus has been on creating strategic improvements with our clients in mind. We’ve enhanced our website, putting front and center the important ways we save our customers money and elevate their transportation business. We’ve also given FreightOptics, our proprietary software, a whole new look. In addition, we recently launched our brand new TMS technology.

Our continuous improvements keep us ahead of the competition for supply chain services. With a purposeful investment in innovation, we generate unrivaled results for our clients.

Here are a few highlights of what we’ve done so far:

A New Website for Zero Down

Learn more about the best kept secret in the supply chain industry with our new website. We are laser-focused on relentlessly uncovering every opportunity for savings and efficiencies in your supply chain with our small parcel auditing services and business intelligence for supply chain management.

An Updated Look for FreightOptics

FreightOptics is the leading proprietary software for supply chain management, and our technology provides complete visibility over your supply chain. The cloud-based transport management system software utilizes the most advanced data analytics to transform your business and provide significant savings for your bottom line.

Our All-New, Next-Gen TMS

With our new transport management system software, upgraded capabilities and an easy-to-use interface facilitate data-driven decision making. As one client stated, “[It] took us from the Ground Floor to the Penthouse. We couldn’t be happier about making the switch.”

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Author: Brad McBride

Brad McBride, CEO and Founder of Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions is a dynamic leader with over 30 years of experience in the supply chain sector. His journey began at Consolidated Freightways in 1988, where he mastered freight logistics and pricing. His career led him to Eagle Global Logistics, diving into international freight forwarding and leading high-volume shipping projects.

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