Case Study

Lighting Manufacturer

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Lighting Manufacturer

Case Study: Parcel Bid & Audit, Freight Bid, 3-way Connection with client’s TMS & Carriers for Freight Audit
Client Description: A leading lighting manufacturer.
Problem to Solve: The client’s agreements were expiring for Freight and Parcel, and the client wanted to improve visibility and invoice handling for Freight.
Solution: Zero Down handled the bid negotiation for both parcel and freight. This was the second negotiation our team handled for the client in both these areas. We also integrated with the carriers for invoicing and the customer’s TMS to streamline the invoicing process.
Outcome: We saved an additional 15% for Parcel and an additional 28% percent for Freight. Also, the client saved AP resources with our robust Freight auditing solution and are no longer hand-keying invoices and manually validating BOLs.

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